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Revamping Denim's Digital Presence: A Success Story

Keith Armstrong
August 10, 2023
5 min read

Dive into our journey of revamping Denim's digital presence. Uncover the steps from meticulous analysis to site-wide redesign and performance optimization, culminating in a growth-ready website.

In today's digital age, a company's website often serves as the front door to its business. For Denim, a flourishing enterprise, their online presence was more of a hindrance than an asset. With a web structure hobbled together from a  template, and glaring user experience (UX) issues, it was time for a revamp. We were eager to help them overcome these challenges, transforming their online presence from an obstacle to an asset.

Understanding Denim's Challenges

Our first step was an in-depth analysis of Denim's website. This exploration revealed inconsistencies in design styling, a problematic class structure, a subpar blog layout, and certain underperforming pages. Their content management system (CMS) was not up to par, with unnecessary pages and collections adding to the confusion. Denim's team was struggling to manage these issues on their own, and it was clear they needed professional assistance to navigate this digital maze.

Creating A Plan of Action

With a full understanding of the problem, we were able to devise a detailed plan to address the issues. Our starting point was the immediate redesign and redevelopment of two critical pages—Pricing and Careers. Using Figma, we designed, received Denim's approval, and then developed these pages. This swift action on essential pages offered immediate relief to Denim's team and customers while setting the pace for the rest of the project.

The Site-wide Overhaul

Next on our agenda was a site-wide revamp. While we retained the existing design style as per Denim's wishes, we made significant improvements. The heart of this redevelopment was a clean class structure, optimal layout, and spacing, as well as an improved CMS. In the process, we removed unnecessary pages and CMS collections, ensuring a leaner, more manageable website.

We knew the importance of accessibility in modern web design, and it was an area we focused on intensively. From adding Aria labels to alt tags, these improvements made Denim's website more accessible to all users, a move aligned with their inclusive ethos.

Breathing New Life into the Blog

Denim's blog was not up to their standards. In close collaboration with the Denim team, we designed and developed an entirely new blog page and post experience. The result? A streamlined, engaging, and user-friendly blog that would elevate Denim's content strategy.

Performance Optimization

To ensure optimal page performance, we audited Denim's marketing and tracking scripts using Google Tag Manager. This crucial step allowed us to streamline the scripts, ultimately enhancing performance and customer experience tracking.

The Grand Launch

After a period of intensive development, we were ready to launch the revitalized website. A sleek, professional design coupled with improved performance and ease of management was the result of our collaboration.

In the end, we left no stone unturned. We gave a facelift to various site-wide features like the header and footer, established consistency in design elements, improved accessibility, and optimized images for faster loading. Denim now boasted a digital presence that was a true reflection of their business.

The Success Story

Our collaboration with Denim was a grand success story. From a website full of challenges, we created a digital asset that was ready to grow with them. With a sleek design, improved performance, and an upgraded CMS, Denim is now positioned to harness the power of their online presence to its fullest.

As we navigated this journey together, one thing was clear - we were not merely a professional partner tasked with solving immediate issues. We were an extension of Denim's team, invested in their long-term growth. Through our collaboration, we ensured that Denim's digital door was not only welcoming but also promising of the quality, professionalism, and dynamism that lay within.

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