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Brett Berger
January 16, 2023
5 min read

One small step for Webflow, A giant leap for no-code web development


Webflow is a platform that allows you to quickly and easily create websites and apps with no coding experience. It's super intuitive, so even if you have no experience with design or development, you'll be able to create an amazing website or mobile app in no time.

Last year, Webflow announced their new app marketplace which brings user-developed apps to the platform. These apps are designed to further add to the robust functionality of Webflow—they serve a wide range of use cases such as e-commerce, analytics, A.I., and more! But what does this mean for developers and users alike? In this article we’ll dive into what a marketplace actually is, what are the benefits for developers and users, and how you can join the party by building your own Webflow app!

What is a marketplace?

For those of you who are new to the technology world, an app marketplace is where creators and users can connect and share content, tools, templates and so on. Most of this content is paid, meaning you need to buy a license in order to gain access, but a large amount of content on the marketplace is free!

With the addition of the apps to Webflow’s marketplace, this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for developers and users. Developers will be able to create custom workflows and tools that allow them to get a better final product faster, while users will have a more intuitive and enjoyable experience when navigating a website. 

Benefits for Developers

The Webflow app marketplace is a huge step forward for developers. It gives them the ability to solve core problems in their workflow, while simultaneously generating passive income for themselves. It also allows them to build a reputation as an expert in their field. The problem with the web is that it’s an ever-changing landscape. There are always new technologies to master, new ways of doing things, and new ways to make money. The Webflow app marketplace allows developers to focus on being experts in their field while also making a living from it. The marketplace is also a great opportunity for Webflow to expand its reach and attract more users. By providing the tools, resources, and support that creators need to succeed, the company can build a reputation as the go-to platform for web designers and developers.

Benefits for users

The benefits for developers are clear when it comes to the app marketplace; but what does this mean for non-technical users? Webflow specializes in making their platform accessible to everyone, especially marketing specialists and visual designers, so how do these third party apps affect their experience? 

Webflow apps are designed to make it easier for you to add specific features that are hard or impossible to implement alone. For example, if you're using Webflow's drag-and-drop editor, but want to add a subscribe button or a newsletter form, there's an app for that! This is huge for users as the amount they will be able to accomplish on their own will increase exponentially.

Apps are available in multiple categories: form builders, content managers, ecommerce add-ons, heatmaps and analytics tools...the list goes on! If you can't find an app out there that fits your needs exactly (which is unlikely), chances are good that someone else has had the same problem before and has created something similar. This will appeal to a wide range of users, as everyone from design to finance will be able to leverage a single tool to solve all of their website problems.

Can I build my own app and sell it on the marketplace?

The short answer is: Yes, you can build your own app and sell it on the marketplace. The long answer is: yes, but you need to have some coding knowledge as well as an understanding of API’s before you can get started. Luckily, Webflow provides lots of resources and training videos on how you can interface with them and build your own app using Webflow itself.

If you're interested in selling your apps, start by setting up a Webflow account. Then head to the developers page and check out the documentation to learn how to build an app. Once you have a working prototype of your app, you can submit it to the Webflow app marketplace for review. If you’re looking for something a little less hands-on, there are plenty of developers out there who can help you build an app from scratch – like us for example! If you have an app idea, drop us a line at, or book a call with our team below and we’d be happy to help!


The Webflow app marketplace is diverse, community driven, and can have a positive impact for everyone involved. It's a place where you can find tons of apps that are created by people just like you, solving the same problems you've encountered. You can find apps that fit your specific niche, help supercharge your daily workflow, or solve a previously unsolvable problem. The marketplace is also an opportunity for you to try out new apps and see what's possible. You can get inspired by seeing other people's work, learn from their experiences and make something even better. Whatever your use case, the Webflow app marketplace is a huge step forward for no-code web developers and its users.

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