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Neudata - Events


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  • Website Development
  • Monthly Management

The Client

Neudata is a distinctive FinTech firm known for its objective and neutral approach in scouting alternative data for global organizations. With a comprehensive SaaS catalog of dataset research reports constructed from over 100 unique evaluation factors, Neudata offers unbiased intelligence tailored to individual research needs.

The Challenge

Neudata's events system was becoming a major bottleneck. Regularly hosting events integral for engagement, knowledge sharing, and fostering collaborations in the FinTech space, the process they had in place was inefficient. Updates needed to be routed through the product development team, resulting in long turnaround times. Such a lag was untenable in an industry that values timeliness and efficiency.

The Solution

Flow Sparrow transitioned Neudata's platform to Webflow, introducing:

  • User Simplicity: A CMS system allowing non-technical members to manage events.
  • Design Flexibility: Customizable event pages using conditional visibility.
  • Efficient Modules: Reusable Sponsorship and Speaker CMS items for consistency and speed.
  • Agile Agenda Creation: Component-based system for spontaneous custom agendas.
  • Sales Integration: Partnership with Eventbrite for seamless ticket sales experience.

This collaboration between Neudata and Flow Sparrow highlighted the transformative power of clear vision combined with specialized expertise.

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"Partnering with Flow Sparrow was a game-changer. Their dedication to understanding our needs and delivering on their promises made our transition to Webflow seamless."

Dean Gray

Senior Product Designer