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The Client

SJC is Canada’s most dynamic and fastest-growing communications company. Through its full-production content and creative studios, advertising technology, print infrastructure and distinct media brands (Chatelaine, Maclean’s and Toronto Life to name a few) SJC partners with clients across North America to meet their ever-evolving marketing needs.

The Challenge

In a dynamic industry where staying contemporary is paramount, SJC felt a pressing need to rejuvenate its digital persona with a modern look, improved performance and more intuitive navigation to help relay the company’s solutions, brands and purpose. The principle of minimalism was important,embodying a "less is more" philosophy while still being engaging,interactive and visually captivating.

The Solution

Flow Sparrow embraced the challenge, eager to craft a digital platform that epitomized modern design while aligning with SJC’s offerings with its robust capabilities and design flexibility, Webflow was an evident choice for this transformation. The design journey began with a clean slate, stripping away any clutter and redundant elements from the existing site. The mantra was clear: Simple yet striking. We introduced a monochromatic color scheme, punctuated by occasional bursts of brand colors to guide the user's journey and capitalizing on SJC’s rich library of assets from its media brands and client work.

Interactive elements became the bedrock of the site. From hover animations to scroll-triggered content displays, and as much video content as possible, the site was envisioned to be an immersive experience, subtly nudging users to explore deeper. While the interactive components were crucial, our commitment to minimalism ensured they never overwhelmed the visitor. Instead, these elements accentuated key information, making the user's journey both intuitive and delightful.

Post-transition, SJC had more than just a website; they had a digital embodiment of their brand's evolution. With its modern design and interactive features, the website wasn't just a nod to contemporary trends but also a statement of SJC’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The feedback was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. The site's refreshing look, paired with its interactive flair, set a new benchmark for SJC’s digital identity that will be carried through to other applications as well. Flow Sparrow's partnership with SJC wasn't just about redesign; it was a shared journey towards digital storytelling. 

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"Everyone at SJC is thrilled with our new website! It's sleek, it's modern, and it truly represents who we are today. Working with Flow Sparrow was a true partnership; they took the time to understand our business and objectives and applied their digital expertise to ensure an engaging and interactive experience right from the homepage."

Marta Tsimicalis

Corporate Marketing & Communications