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The Client

SmartPath is a FinTech platform that provides objective, trustworthy, and affordable advice to help everyday employees reach financial well-being.

The Challenge

SmartPath approached Flow Sparrow with a distinct problem: their current website did not reflect their brand and innovative spirit. Built on a dated platform, the site was challenging for their marketing team to manage and update. They desired a modern look, improved functionality, and most crucially, the ability for their internal team to have complete control over content management.

The Solution

Our journey began with a meticulous audit of the existing website. Unearthing potential areas for enhancement, we strategized a redesign that would capture SmartPath's vision while ensuring an intuitive user experience. The new design proposed was sleek, mobile-responsive, and highlighted SmartPath’s solutions in a structured and user-friendly manner.

Upon the site’s relaunch, Flow Sparrow maintained close engagement with SmartPath, ironing out any kinks and ensuring the website ran smoothly. Our focus was not just to deliver a revamped site but also to empower SmartPath's team with the tools and knowledge to take charge of their digital presence. Training sessions were held to familiarize their team with Webflow's CMS, ensuring they could confidently make updates as needed.

The collaboration's success was evident in the enhanced digital face of SmartPath and the newfound confidence and independence of their marketing team. Flow Sparrow and SmartPath's shared sense of achievement paved the way for a lasting partnership.

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"The Flow Sparrow team was a blast to work with! They were responsive, professional, deadline-driven, and well-organized. The creative process was a breeze and they are truly Webflow experts."

Christine Nero

Director of Marketing