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Jersey City, NJ



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165 Million

Services We Provided

  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Monthly Management

The Client

Denim, a thriving freight payment & collections firm, was experiencing growing pains with their website. Their digital presence, built on a rushed template, wasn't up to their standards. UX inconsistencies, poor design, layout issues, and a cumbersome content management system (CMS) were hampering their growth. Enter our team, ready to turn these challenges into opportunities for progress.

The Challenge

Our first step was an in-depth site analysis to identify problem areas. Issues ranged from inconsistent design styling to a problematic class structure, subpar blog layout, and underperforming pages. As a professional partner, we equipped the Denim team with a comprehensive report outlining the issues and our proposed solutions.

The Solution

We kicked off our project with the immediate redesign and redevelopment of two critical pages: Pricing and Careers. Using Figma, we proposed designs, received Denim's approval, and developed the pages.

Next, we tackled the site-wide revamp, keeping the existing design style but making substantial improvements. We built a clean class structure, optimized layout and spacing, upgraded the CMS, and removed unnecessary pages and CMS collections. Accessibility improvements, from adding Aria labels to alt tags, were also integral to our site-wide redevelopment.

The blog needed a makeover, so we designed and developed a new page and post experience, elevating Denim's content strategy.

For optimal page performance, we audited Denim's marketing and tracking scripts via Google Tag Manager.

After an intensive period of development, we launched the revitalized website. Denim now boasts a professionally designed site that meets its needs and is prepared for future expansion.

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"We were stuck with a website that wasn't living up to our standards. Flow Sparrow came in and worked their magic - now we have a website we're proud of, one that enhances our brand and is poised for growth. Their attention to detail, especially concerning accessibility and performance optimization, was outstanding."

Fritz Lauer

Head Of Marketing