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The Client

Punchlist is a software company that specializes in project design, development, and content feedback. Their app allows you to add a layer over web pages, documents, and other digital media giving team members and clients the ability to highlight and discuss specific parts of the document.

The Challenge

Punchlist came to us looking to redesign their features page, add an interactive animation to their homepage, and restructure their current documentation portal. Additionally, they wanted to offer the redesigned documentation portal as a free resource to other agencies and developers within the industry. All of these individual features are relatively small, but together they add a significant amount of complexity.

The Solution

We find the best way to approach any project is by breaking it into small actionable chunks, which is exactly what we did for Punchlist. We took each request and broke them into smaller tasks that could be completed by a single team member. This allowed us to quickly complete all of the smaller requests before we tackled the larger documentation restructure. The main hurdle with this portion of the project was that it needed to be built in such a way that other developers could download and use the feature without impacting Punchlists use of the feature. The best way to accomplish this was to build the portal outside of Punchlists’ existing project then integrate it after the fact, in order to simulate what another developer would do with this feature once it was released. This allowed us to identify any pain or failure points of the integration, and resolve them before the feature was released. This resulted in a modern, beautiful and robust documentation portal that brings value to both punchlist and the community alike.

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“The team over at Flow Sparrow is fantastic to work with. They are supportive and respond quickly to any requests we have. They have been a great partner and we’re really excited to continue collaborating with them on all of our web projects!”

Pete Bernardo

CEO, Founder